Cost related to surgical procedures or service bundles vary from one surgery center to the next. The following link below will take you to the “Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)” pricing list page. On that site, you will be able to find general pricing for various procedures and service bundles based on geography. Please note that the prices mentioned on their website are a non-personalized, general estimate of costs that may be incurred by patients of our facility for anticipated services. The actual costs will be based on services provided to the patient.

You have the right to request a personalized estimate from our facility of the cost that your procedure will incur. To do so, please call us at 561-637-5808 and we will be happy to assist.

If you require more time to make your payments, please call our facility to discuss options. Additionally, if you are interested in healthcare financing, we accept Care Credit. Please visit their website for more information CareCredit or call us directly for additional information.


We accept most insurances and offer different types of payment arrangements. Please speak to one of our team members prior to your procedure if you are interested in learning more. We collect all co-payments and co-insurances on or before your date of service. Depending on your insurance plan and your deductible balance, you may be asked to pay a portion on or before your date of service but one of our team members will explain this information prior to your procedure. Our center will send a statement of your account balance every month for three months until your balance is paid in full and we ask that you please keep your account in good standing. Please reach out to National Medical Billing directly at (561) 418-7085 if you have additional questions regarding billing.


Our Team Of Doctors

South County Outpatient Surgery Center is proudly affiliated with US Anesthesia Partners

If you anticipate having a procedure at our facility by one of the surgeons, we encourage you to contact their staff directly to obtain an estimate of their fees associated with your specific procedure, their billing arrangements and whether they accept your insurance or not. Keep in mind that the above-mentioned practitioners may not participate with the same health insurers or HMO as the surgery center.